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Vineyard at Louis Roederer Champagne House

French Wine | The Best Champagne House in The World

At the end of June I was lucky enough to win a trip to visit one of the most well-known and, in my opinion, the best Champagne house in the world – Louis Roederer. Established in 1776, the Champagne House passed through several owners before Louis Roederer inherited it in 1833 and gave it his

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View over vineyards at Chablis

French Wine | A Guide To Chablis

The classic faux-pas “I hate Chardonnay but love a good glass of Chablis” is one that always raises eyebrows amongst wine aficionados. However, the steely, mineral and taut Chablis wines bear little relation to some of the buttery high alcohol Chardonnays from Australia and California made in the 1990’s – the only unifying factor being the

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French Wine | A trip to the Bordeaux region with Stacy

At last we are getting our English summer! There’s nothing I love more than to be soaking up the sunshine in my little patio garden, with a glass of Rose (Sancerre preferably). On this fine occasion I opted out of my usual Rose or Loire blanc, and took a trip south to the Bordeaux region (not

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French Wine | Patrick Javillie makes for Superb Summer Drinking

My wife, Karen, and I enjoyed a chilled bottle of 2013 Bourgogne Blanc Cuvée Oligocène in Saturday’s evening warmth as a barbecue aperitif with Pimento olives with black pepper. I was lucky enough to visit Monsieur Javillier’s house to collect samples in preparation for the L&W Burgundy tasting in January 2015 and having gained an insight into

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L&W: Proud to sponsor Theatre in the Forest

Theatre in the Forest  This year I’m delighted to say that we will be working Red Rose Chain, an award winning local theatre company based in Ipswich. We are very pleased to be one of the sponsors for their magnificent Theatre in the Forest season which this year features Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Theatre

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French Wine | Is “fine” wine for me? Yes – try the Loire!

In my own circle of friends the words “fine wine” are very often met with a frown and a shrug of the shoulders – “it’s not for me” or “I can’t afford your prices!” are two reactions that are not unusual. Try as I might to challenge those views I really struggle to win an argument based

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In The Kitchen With Nick | Stunning Soave from Fattori

I love a good deal. This Soave from Fattori is one of the best bottles of wine I have bought for twelve quid. It offers everything you’d expect from a very fine wine – quality, concentrated fruit with depth and complexity. For those who like tasting notes – here is mine! Deep lemon colour. Slightly

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In The Kitchen With Will | A Simple Saturday Supper

Whilst I’m a firm believer in the maxim that great wine deserves great food it’s also the case that a great wine can elevate the simplest foods to another level, add to this the simple pleasure of dining al fresco on a lazy Saturday summer evening and you have all the ingredients for a thoroughly

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In The Kitchen With Paula | A special dinner with lovely friends and a surprise wine

My husband and I are always having friends over for dinner and drinks, we spend quite a lot of time planning the menu to match the wine we are serving. On Saturday 30th May we were having our very good friends Lee and Lisa over for dinner, they are ‘foodie wine lovers’ so we knew it

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2014 Loire Valley Wine: Our Buyer’s Vintage Report

Already being touted as one of the greats, 2014 has not only produced some of the best and most exciting wines in years, but is arguably a first for the Loire Valley for being of high quality throughout the region. When you consider that this stunning expanse of France stretches well over 300 miles, this is not

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