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In the kitchen with Will: Thoughts on Ulithorne’s Frux Frugis

I’m a firm believer in the maxim that great wine deserves great food (and vice versa), so when planning to open a bottle of something special I invariably pick out the best ingredients I can find and make a concerted effort to prepare something that befits the quality of the wine. I recently took delivery

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Bordeaux Grand Crus Classes – a vertical of four vintages

One tasting event I really enjoy each year is the Bordeaux Grand Crus Classes, a vertical of four vintages starting with the current en primeur wine and working backwards. So this year we had 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011. This year the tasting was held at Church House in Dean’s Yard, London, a different venue

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François Mitjaville and Tertre Roteboeuf: Bordeaux’s philosophising revolutionary

It should come as no great surprise that photos of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin don’t adorn the walls of many of Bordeaux’s Châteaux. To call this celebrated town a hotbed of Marxist-Leninism revolution would be somewhat wide of the mark. But François Mitjaville doesn’t conform to what we expect from Bordeaux. No, he’s not a C he

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The Team at Lay and Wheeler

Perspectives on Bordeaux 2014: From Novice to Expert

Attending a week in Bordeaux tasting wine ‘En Primeur’ not only as a fresh set of eyes but also almost a novice, is a privilege that few could take pleasure in without already being within the industry. It is not just somewhere that you can visit, but an entirely different world to which you have

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Lay & Wheeler’s tasting of Italian Wines – Staff Picks

After an outstanding tasting last night, the Lay & Wheeler team pick out their absolute favourites; wines that might be making an appearance in their very own cellars! Ludo Surina My highlight of the night wasn’t necessarily the very best wine in the room (that may have been the 2011 Barolo Rocche dell’Annunziata from Roberto

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what a château should look like

Bienvenue à Bordeaux – a novice’s day 1

I have been fortunate in my very brief time working in wine to travel to taste in pretty awesome places. To perhaps over generalise, in October in Burgundy, when I found myself descending into cellars that perfectly fitted my preconceptions of what a ‘Cave’ should be. We tasted wines extracted with precision by long, fragile, glass

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Red Burgundy and Revelations

Nick Connell, our Sales Manager, shares with us his thoughts on a particularly enjoyable bottle – and reflects on the perspective it brings: Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying a glass or two of Domaine de l’Arlot, Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru les Suchots 2004. 2004 is not the most celebrated of Burgundy vintages, but

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In praise of 2013

Do you remember the summer of 2013 well? No, me neither. Somewhere in the long hangover from 2012’s incredible Olympic summer, 2013 seems to have been misplaced. And as a wine lovers, we seem to keep being told that 2013 is a year to forget? Well, I couldn’t disagree more. Yes, Bordeaux’s 2013 was an

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Rhone 2013 tasting: Our highlights

Wednesday night   was our annual Rhone tasting. This tasting is always a real pleasure, thanks not only to wines that constitute a super tasting experience, but also thanks to the conviviality, openness and bon viveur of the producers of the Rhone. Over the past few weeks, cardboard boxes full of all the delights of spring

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Brunello 2010: ‘Vintage of a Lifetime?’

James Suckling recently labelled Brunello di Montalcino’s 2010 ‘a vintage of a lifetime’. I must admit, I’m wary of such descriptions. They risk devaluing previous and subsequent harvests; what, for example, if there were another ‘vintage of a lifetime’ in five, ten, twenty years? Feeling that 2010 Brunello deserved appraisal with Mr Suckling’s words ringing

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